Friday, December 12, 2008

Poetry Friday: I'm a Wild Child

Wild Child
S. Y. Headley
My anger's red,
bloody red.
I feel like I could
like a wild lion.
My crying is soft,
drips and drops,
mist over the blue sky.
I'm a wild child,
roaming free.
I'm a wild child
with nobody to tell me NO.
I'm a wild child
with ratty brown hair
like logs and bark.
With eyes hazel nutty
as a rabid squirrel.
With clothes like a field of
I'm a wild child,
whose anger is read as blood,
sadness white as the clouds
loathing as black as fire's coal.
I'm a wild child...
or am I just free?


  1. justina,
    is poetry friday a readergrlz thing, a you thing, or some kind of international event that is occuring without my knowledge? i love it! tell me more... please?

  2. Hi Karen! Poetry Friday is a weekly occurrence that some children's lit bloggers have been doing for some time. Join in the fun and post your favorite poetry every Friday...even your own!