Monday, December 22, 2008

Girl Overboard: In Paperback!

Melissa Walker--new readergirlz diva, author of the fabulous Violet on the Runway series, and co-founder of my new obsession: me a paparrazzi shot...of my novel, GIRL OVERBOARD. I didn't realize the book was out in paperback already, but here it is in Barnes & Noble!
Today I am grateful for readers who are still purchasing books to fuel their spirits! And I am grateful for girlfriends who are on the lookout for me.


  1. And it is a Noteworthy Teen Selection! Woohoo! Of course it is. Now, just wait for North of Beautiful...!

  2. Hi Justina!
    Hope to read and review all your books soon!
    best wishes for 2009 and merry christmas!

  3. Oh, it was such a pleasure to see it on the shelf front and center!