Friday, June 5, 2009


Nothing is stranger than being someone's homework assignment. Really. Nothing. Some authors are surprisingly blase about this: "Justina, you'll get used to it." I don't think so.

I am homework.
I am someone's grade.
This is weird.

A librarian sent me this student's work:

So, students, I promise to update the FAQ on my website this summer so that finding info is easier than ever. And remember: the picture of me getting my hair washed in China from an earlier blog post was purely for informative purposes. Not for reports. I will be horrified if anyone uses that photo in a report. HOR-RI-FIED.

Incidentally, to the above student: A+


  1. How awesome! That's a better compliment than anything an adult critic says, since that student is the *real* audience! :)

    Kudos to you for inspiring a young student enough to make them want to study your craft!

  2. So, I told you earlier that I recommended North of Beautiful for our summer reading at the high school. Students have multiple options for assessments over their reading choice. One of the assessments is a written test which I have been elected to make out since I suggested your book. So, should I send you the test when it's done to see what you think? :)

  3. KNIGHTON: Yes, please send me the test. I'll see how I do on it. Ha!

    JENNY: Thank you!!

  4. It's difficult being famous :) The kids will be pretty excited to see this one posted!


  5. Okay, so how did you do? :) (I hope I sent it to the correct e-mail address.)