Thursday, November 13, 2008

Words to Live By

A very wise neighbor and former counselor here in Shanghai sent me some advice. I think these are words to live by on a daily basis...and particularly when you find yourself in a crisis.

Use what your intelligence says is right and discount the rest. Rely on only what you know is absolute fact. Listen to what you know is true in the deepest part of your heart. Be careful of what lies on the surface of your heart as it may be misleading. The fewer people you talk with the better. Express your feelings with only one or two people who you know extremely well and you have had long, trusting relationships with. Use them as sounding boards only. Do not talk to others who you do not have this type of relationship with as they don't know you well. Do not make any rash decisions that might be difficult or impossible to undo. Remember time is on your side. Evaluate your investments carefully before you decide what you are to do with them. Before you say or do anything imagine what consequence that word or action might have on any and all possible decisions you might make in the furture. Do not become a recluse but free yourself of anything that you do not have to do. Take short vacations from you worries so you can periodically un-clutter your mind and think more clearly. Take the very best care of yourself physically. Take time to pray and meditate.

Today I am thankful for Wise Women who guide gently yet firmly.


  1. Wise words, indeed. Keeping your own counsel is perhaps one of the biggest lessons I have ever learned. Hang in

  2. Those are good words, Justina. We are waiting with open arms and hearts to welcome you home. xo

  3. So when will you be leaving Shanghai?

  4. "Use what your intelligence says is right and discount the rest." Yes, definitely. I'm very big on trusting my gut and my knowledge. Also, my mother always said, "Consider the source."