Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Girlfriend Therapy

Egads! With just 11 days left in Shanghai to go, my BFF from college, Shelli, said to me, "Girlfriend, we have to take you shopping!" The last thing I wanted to do was shop, not when I have to pack. And let's not forget the manuscript I haven't picked up in the last three weeks. But Shel was not to be deterred. She pointed out: you have Christmas presents to buy. Yeah, yeah, I thought.
But then there's my mentor, Janet Wong, who kicked me in the pants with a well-worded email: We, the few remaining readers of your blog, are tired of your self-help induced, quasi-inspirational posts. Show us Shanghai. That's all we care about. (Okay, okay, that was my translation of her email.)
So to Taikang Lu we went. This is a rehabbed neighborhood turned enclave for boutiques, coffeeshops, restaurants and galleries. Wouldn't you know it? Who do we see on our first stop at Nest--a wonderful boutique? The amazing Francine Martin--professional shopper and purveyor of the finest goods and one of my first Shanghai turnSTYLE interviews! I was so thrilled to see Francine who was yet again absolutely exquisitely divinely decked out. She was In Action with a lucky client.
After another stop at June Woo--THE place to go for cashmere scarves--Shel and I dropped in on Ginger for some sustenance. The score? Shel checked off 3 people from her Christmas list. All my peeps are still present-less.

Today I am thankful for the sheer joy of SERENDIPITY. It completely floors me that out of all the millions and million and millions of people in Shanghai, I actually bumped into ONE person I know. I love that. It makes me feel as though I have established a community of my own in this big huge city, so far from home.


  1. All right, Tina: you have finally caused me to create a Google/Blogger identity so that I can make a formal post.

    Was I really THAT mean? (Bad me...and now the world knows it!)

    Let the MANY who read your NOT-quasi-whatever-filled blog rejoice that you are back out-and-about-town, letting us live vicariously with the style-setters of Shanghai.

    But: you didn't buy any presents on that shopping spree? (Hey, what's wrong with cashmere scarves?)

    Your fan,

  2. Janet S. Wong: you are never mean. You are a professional INSPIRER! You are a TRUE FRIEND, the kind that every woman ought to have at her side. One who does not let her friends ever wallow in self-pity. You are a TREASURE.

  3. Here's to the beautiful community you created in Shanghai!