Monday, January 28, 2013

RETURN TO ME: Book Party Photo Essay

My thanks to everyone for celebrating RETURN TO ME at the book launch party on Sunday at the University Bookstore. There, for two hours, we celebrated the transformation of dust to stardust in stories and lives.

After laboring over RETURN TO ME for the better part of two years, it was utterly surreal to see the book on the shelf...

 and to be signing copies for all the special people whose names are in the author's note...

 and those who have walked in my shoes.

Such fun and satisfaction to see all my different worlds mingling in one place...

 my two incredible kids, adorable sister, multi-talented brother-in-law, generous father, and gorgeous mother...

and all my writer friends and neighbor friends and Microsoft friends and Strategem friends and non-profit friends and Bible study friends...

gathering around to listen to the truly gifted audiobook narrator, Therese Plummer, read an excerpt from the book...

Stardust. This is all stardust. Thank you all for sharing this moment with me and for returning me.


  1. Did you know that there were many reports that night of an unusually bright star in the sky? After much investigation, the astronomers pinpointed it--a bright glow coming from the Belleuve University Bookstore. They named it the Justina Chen Stardust Effect.

    You shone.

  2. Such a beautiful post, event, book, and moment.

  3. Loved this book party for your beautiful new release!

  4. Hello Justina! I wasn't able to attend your book launch party, but my boss Cindy gave me an autographed copy of Return to Me and I am absolutely loving it! You are very talented and I can't wait to see how things turn out for Rebel. I'm looking forward to checking out your other books as well!