Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Memories of ALA

Thanks to my publisher for sending me to ALA where I had the privilege of signing in their booth... complete with my own sign. I still can't believe the number of people waiting in line, holding my books...

And thanks to Follett who hosted me in their booth as well where I signed another 100 copies of North of Beautiful. Thank you!

And then off to a dinner where I was starry-eyed over the amazing librarians who came out to hear debut novelists Malinda Lo and Sarah Ockler as well as me. I'm not sure I laughed so hard during all those conversations.

The Printz Awards? Phenomenal. It is absolutely inspiring to hear authors detail their journey and the back story to their novels. And even more when they take a stance publicly about young adult literature. The highlight of the evening though? When Jack Martin--he who is all things fashionable...and oh, yeah, a rock star librarian at NYPL--told me he loved my dress.


  1. I love your dress, too! And your sweater! And your books!

  2. I love that orange dress! You look fabulous. Rita

  3. You are rather rocking hot in that dress, Justina. But more than anything, how absolutely glorious that your publisher is so supportive of this book, that lines of people came, that reviewers are still still still talking about it, and that its three stars still shine.

    It's extraordinary and deserved.

    I hope you love Brooklyn.

  4. How wonderful! And you look absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I am in the middle of your book North of Beautiful right now and love it so far!! I can't believe you are a geocacher; way awesome! I was wondering what your caching screenname is?

  6. I ADORE your dress. You are so beautiful!