Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big Island: Sea Turtles

According to the locals on the Big Island, Richardson State Park is the place in Hilo to find sea turtles. So guess where I went?

There I was, scanning the shoreline, the horizon. No sea turtles. I settled myself on a large hunk of lava rock and began writing my new novel. A teen girl asked what I was up to and I wailed, "Looking for sea turtles!"

She said: "They're right behind you."

Lo and behold, in the tide pool behind a hill of rocks...there they were...

my sleeping sea turtles disguised as boulders.

Just like beauty. Hidden right under my nose. All I had to do was look behind me.


  1. I LOVE it there... *sigh*

    Now I am intrigued to know what your novel has to do with Sea Turtles... :)

  2. Oh wow - that's so cool! The sea turtles look awesome. Hope you're having a cool chillaxin' vacay!