Saturday, April 25, 2009

Best Friends in the World

Call me lucky. I have the best friends on the planet. On my birthday--Income Tax Day--I received quite possibly the meanest email of my entire life, and no, it wasn't from the IRS. A few days later, my girlfriends threw me a surprise party at Frenchy's: pedicures for all.

I walked into the spa, filled with my friends...and--duh!--it didn't occur to me that every single one of my StrataGem group was there...for ME I'm sure it was comical how stunned I was that my girls were all in one place, a miracle of champagne! And strawberries! And chocolates! And treats! And so, so, so much love.

Above are Cindy--little miss FBI. And Miss Molly, finance guru.

And Niki (TV producer!) and Julie (anchorwoman!) and Kim (graphic designer!). And there's me (stupefied!).

And then, on a very hard day, Martha Brockenbrough met me for a writing date, bought me tea and a little cakey birthday treat. And then let me write my heart out next to her until I felt better. Now, that's a friend.

Today, I feel grateful for women who are there when a friend needs them to be.


  1. Lillian, Criminal RecordsApril 25, 2009 at 9:44 PM

    Hi Justina, I wanted to drop you a note to say that I just now finished reading North Of Beautiful and I absolutely love love loved it! That is all. Oh, and happy belated birthday. ;)

  2. Whatever made you so sad (and on your birthday!!!!) I am so very glad that you were redeemed by your friends.

    That's the kind of power that women are made of.

  3. Hooray for good friends!!!

    And BOOOO to mean emailers.

    But... HOORAY for your friends :)