Sunday, March 8, 2009

YouTube Love Letter to My Peeps

At last, I created my own video for the FIND BEAUTY CHALLENGE even if I can't win the iPod Touch myself. It's my love letter to my family and friends, an homage to Maya Angelou whose PHENOMENAL WOMAN inspired my book, North of Beautiful.

You have until the end of March to create your own YouTube video of what true beauty means to you. For every uploaded video, I'm donating $10 (up to $1,000) to fund cleft lip surgeries in the third world. So please help me spread the word!


  1. Totally choked up by your beautiful heart, Justina. xox

  2. I posted my review of your fantabulous new book that I won last week! LOVED it! Thanks so much for sending it to me. It was so exciting to win :)