Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Justina Goes FanGirl!

It is never a good moment when I become a fangirl. First, there's my Minnie Mouse breathless voice. And then the sweat-beaded nose. Oh, like whenever I'm in the vicinity of David Levithan, for instance. What's the deal?

Anyway. Humiliation is a daily Justina experience, apparently.

Because...guess who I just met? Guess who I ate sushi with the other day? None other than Kim Swift--she of Portal fame. She of the rockstar game designer who swept the 2008 games awards!

That's Kim in the middle and her friend and Portal colleague, Realm. Now, there's a great character name for you. I'm expecting even greater things from these women than just making history in the gaming world. (i.e. I'm expecting them to write for teens next.)

Today I am thankful for how small the world is so that I'm constantly meeting the cool people who are changing the planet.


  1. Oh goodness, I'll have to tell my brother, he's played that game!

  2. So much fun to meet those two - both of them quite worthy of fandom!

  3. My brother plays that game, too. He was angry that he didn't come, when I told him.
    They were both really sweet and it was awesome to meet them.