Monday, June 9, 2008

For as much as I embrace all the girl-power, hi-YAH, you-go-grrl spirit, let's be super clear: I am a wimp...when it comes to the paranormal.

Ever since last summer when I stayed in this century-old house for two weeks, I've literally been haunted. Not by a ghost, but a wisp of a concept for a ghost story.
Anyway, who needs to pack for my upcoming move to China? It was time to for some serious procrastination. I mean, research. Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, I am a wimp!

Case in point: this is me, cowering behind a pillow as I watched some ghosthunter documentary.

Cue husband: "Ummm...did you happen to forget our HONEYMOON when I rented that windmill in Greece? And that entire night you kept thinking you saw a toga-wearing ghost?"

Translation: "Ummmm...honey, this book just isn't in the cards for you."

He's right as always. I couldn't sleep all night, thinking about that stupid documentary. (Okay, okay, I was *terrified* by that stupid documentary.) Goodbye, ghost story.


  1. Toga-wearing ghosts! That's a scream, Justina.

    As to procrastination, I know your brain, you're working on something in there -- if not ghosts, I'm wondering what else you're hatching?

    Love the pic of you behind the pillow.


  2. Too weird. I just started a ghost (hunter) manuscript. Our creepy ideas are creepily tied together in a creepy knot!

    -- Liz Gallagher