Friday, June 13, 2008

Being a gifty girl (definition: one who loves to buy little something, somethings for those she loves), I've made it a tradition of bestowing my editor and her editorial assistant with trinkets that symbolize my book and honor our work together.

I realize that I should be packing up for China. After all, the movers are coming in 6 days. Argh! However, procrastination is my strong suit.

So imagine my glee when I trolled my favorite crafting obsession, ETSY, and found a pendant made out of vintage maps, decoupaged on a vintage Scrabble piece! Could a more perfect trinket be had to commemorate my forthcoming NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL, which is about a mapmaker's daughter?

I've packaged up the pendants, tied them with my other crafting obsession--my MOO cards, and don't they look cute?!--and shipped them out today. I hope my editors like them and know how much I adore them!


  1. Thank you again Justina, for incorporating my vintage map necklaces into your thank you!

    All the best,


  2. What a perfect match! It was fate for you to find these to celebrate NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL.