Monday, January 21, 2013

Kirkus: Feature Story

So honored that Kirkus asked me to write an essay about RETURN TO ME.

Here's an excerpt. Click here for the full essay.

You receive the call.

“We need to talk,” says the voice that vowed to love you until death do you part. “I’ve been seeing someone for awhile.”

Suddenly you find yourself the unwitting co-star in a midlife cliché. Far worse, you watch helplessly as your kids fall into emotional catatonia, prone and unmoving on the rug after they learn that their father is leaving. Weeks later, when your pre-teen son grunts at his dad on the phone, no longer even deigning to form words, you understand that the most tragic legacy of the ensuing divorce isn’t a broken family. It’s your children’s broken hearts.


  1. Very moving. When or where can we read the full essay???

  2. Yes--I'm eager to read the essay, too! The click here link doesn't seem to be working?