Friday, July 30, 2010

Mineral Springs

On the way back from Taos, I heard about Ojo Caliente, one of the oldest natural mineral springs around. Well, then. I had to check this out for my next novel. Really, it was all research. And...I unexpectedly fell in love. A couple of dipping pools--try arsenic, anyone? A mud bath. Gorgeous red rock cliffs. AND baby soft skin after marinating yourself. This almost beats out the Korean naked spa. Almost.


  1. A spa series! How clever of you! ; ) Loved the reference in NORTH. A friend talked to me about going to the spa just as I was reading that section. Loved the voice, loved the characters, but then, you've only heard me say that about your writing a hundred times or so now. Hope to tie up my novel before the end of fall. Miss you...

  2. While this sounds wonderful (and worth adding to The List), I am profoundly grateful for our Korean naked spa so close by.