Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Geeking out with Nancy Pearl

Way back in October, Nancy Pearl--as in Librarian with her own shushing Action Figure--invited me on her show, BookLust. After a devastating fashion faux pas (word to the televised: never, never, never wear the same color as the chair on a set lest you be a floating head), I managed to pull myself together enough to tell Nancy about my latest obsession: geocaching!

Think of geocaching as electronic treasure hunting, the ultimate in geekdom. You use a GPS device to find exact longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates (I warned you this was geeky). And hidden away in very sneaky places, geocachers have socked cool stashes of little treasures. For those wondering how I learned of geocaching, let me just say this: research for my forthcoming novel, NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL. Need I say more?

So today, the readergirlz divas and my kids went geocaching with Nancy.

Even after bushwhacking through brambles and spiderwebs, we were skunked by two of the caches. (Did I mention that I get hopelessly lost...and yet I love geocaching?)
Luckily, right when we were giving up hope, Dia spotted the teeny, tiny microcache wedged underneath a bench. Don't let Dia's Renaissance beauty fool you; the woman wields a cougar stick and isn't afraid to use it.
And here is Nancy, claiming her cache. Notice the glee with which she is signing her name on the log sheet! Now all she needs is to update her action figure with a GPS device, and BookLuster (her new geocaching nickname) is all set to geek out.


  1. Geochaching with you all was an absolute Blast!Though I emerged from the undergrowth with blackberry scratches and spiderwebs in my hair, I'd do it with you all again in a flash.

    Thanks for taking us on this grand adventure and for posting the fun pics, Justina.

  2. Kaj's been begging for a GPS so we can geocache. We've been doing it the hard way! Bring it here on your next Whidbey trip -- hmmm... next year?
    Keep in touch!